Hardwood Floor Services: Vital Guidelines to Clean Your Floor

Hardwood floors are very beautiful floor applications but do require high maintenance. Tristate Countertop Repair company has the latest technology and products designed to meet the maintenance needs of your wooden floors. Our refinishing service involves a dust-free process that leaves no mess behind when the work is done. In addition to our excellent hardwood floor services, we advise clients on how to clean and maintain their hardwood floors, and on products to use and not to use on their floors. It will not take much for you to find out why we are the favorite choice of customers in the tri-state area when it comes to floor, carpet and tile cleaning. Presently, we serve Philadelphia, Delaware County, Montgomery County and Bucks County.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Typically, there is a 30 year warranty on hardwood floors. Unfortunately, the warranty only covers the wood and not the finish. There is a need to re-coat these floors every five to seven years in order to protect these and retain the finish. We use a dustless refinishing process that leaves minimal mess compared to that of our competitors. Aside the fact that our coating products are safe for children and pets, our services also saves you lots of time and money.

We use only the best coating products currently available in the market and it comes from an industry leader in commercial grade finishes.

Our company offers three service choices to help you find a refinishing service that will meet your budget: Option One is floor cleaning; Option Two is cleaning and refinishing; Option Three is Tykote Dustless Recoating System.

Hardwood Floor Maintenance

We use a deep cleaning process by means of an industrial grade special wood cleaning machine in carrying out the hardwood floor maintenance. This process cleans your floor aggressively, ensuring that all the dirt, dust, grease, contaminants, and built-up residue are removed. Apart from the benefits already mentioned, your floor is completely dry after our cleaning process. Manufacturers consider our deep cleaning system of hardwood floors to be the best because we use only odorless and environmental friendly products which are safe for kids and pets.

Guidelines to clean your hardwood floor

Following these steps will help improve your hardwood floors. At Tristate Countertop Repair company, hardwood floor services include cleaning and refinishing engineered hardwood, laminate flooring, and hardwood surfaces. We serve both commercial and residential properties. Indeed, there is no such thing as a job too small or too big.

Our Cleaning Services

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