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Having a shiny floor always adds beauty to any place. The terrazzo floors are famous for their glistening surface. This kind of floor is available in two types: the resin-based flooring and the cement-based flooring. These types of terrazzo floors are commonly composed of granite chips, marble or quartz. This means that dust is added to the terrazzo mixture in order to give life and color to the floor when installed. Furthermore, terrazzo is usually used in many offices and residential areas because it is affordable and is long lasting. However, the real challenge is experienced when you are to clean and maintain the lustrous look of the floor. There are simple steps in terrazzo cleaning that you can follow in order to preserve the surface shine.

Getting Rid of Terrazzo Floor Marks and Stains

Cleaning the terrazzo floors can be quite difficult, especially if marks and stains are present. The cleaning routine basically starts with the identification of the location of the marks and stains. You must take the necessary steps in order to maintain the good condition of the surface all the time. If your terrazzo flooring is cement-based, it is best to hire a professional cleaner to do the job for you. Removing stains in a cement-based terrazzo floor involves the application of sealers and new coatings that will restore the original look of the floor.

Schedule the Cleaning Up!

Cleaning the terrazzo flooring needs to be done on a regular basis and with the use of the right approach. By employing the proper techniques, you’ll be able to remove the dust and dirt on the surface, especially at the corners of the floor. If you are seeing hard stains on the floor, you can start undertaking different methods and putting cleaning solutions to clean the floor surface. You can also use regular vacuum cleaners in order to suck the dust off the surface. Of course, vacuuming will never be enough. Scrub, damp and soak the terrazzo floor to ensure that it is squeaky clean. Hard stains definitely need special attention which involves scrubbing the floor with the right cleaning solution, immersing the area with a cleaning agent and damping the clean spot with a microfiber mop. Do not allow the liquids to dry on the surface.

For blood stains, you can use ammonia and cold water in order to remove the mark. You can also use a mixture of soap solution and hot water as well as hydrogen peroxide and denatured alcohol to get rid of oil and ink stains. But if it is very difficult for you to to do some terrazzo cleaning, it is always advisable to hire a professional to save time and effort, and to preserve the flooring as well.


As terrazzo flooring normally consists of granite, marbles and glass, it is not surprising that it would eventually lose its gloss. In addition, marks, scratches and grime can affect its finish. So, it is really vital to avail the expertise of professionals offering terrazzo services that include cleaning and polishing.

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